Founder and CEO of Inspire to Change Entertainment. Writer and Producer of the award nominated webseries STORM and the award winning  webseries DON'T JUDGE ME.  


     Currently pursuing a Masters of Fine Arts with a concentration in Producing at the New York Film Academy (NYFA) in Los Angeles, CA.  Honored to hold the office of President of the African Black American Film Society at NYFA.

     A member of SAG-AFTRA, she was featured as the lead in the independent films LOVE AND DECEIT, THE LATELY GOOD, WHAT WOULD YOU SAY and INEVITABLE.   She was also featured in the lead role on an episode of FRENEMIES on the Discovery ID Channel. She was cast in supporting roles in EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR, PRODUCT OF MY ENVIRONMENT , PRECINCT 757, UNEVEN and SHE’S GOTTA GET IT. Rosalind was previously cast in the stage plays TRUTH AND FREEDOM, THE REDEMPTION CENTER and EXTREMETIES. She works with local and independent entertainment companies providing both dramatic and comedic performances.

     She has studied with Joanna Sanchez (LA), Phaedra Harris(LA), Peter Wise (LA), Tommy Ford (LA), Terrence Afer-Anderson(VA) and Ted Bardy (NY). 

    Rosalind is a United States Marine Corps veteran and enjoys spending time with her family.


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